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Hi, welcome everyone. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and I have got some great advice to help you plan your perfect wedding so that your big day goes without a hitch. There is so much to remember and the first thing you should do, is to create a to do list. Organising the wedding is so much more than sorting out a venue, buying a frock and getting some flowers. If only it was that straightforward! Every wedding is different, each has its own unique features and every bride is beautiful, so invest some time in the planning so that you have the day you have always dreamed of.

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Helping You Choose The Perfect Wedding Gown

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is one of the most crucial shopping experiences that you will ever undertake. You might have been influenced by magazines, internet sites as well as dresses that you have actually seen at other weddings, all giving you an concept of how your ideal wedding outfit will look. When you have actually tried on some dresses you will definitely have a clearer idea of what will suit you and what will not, allowing you to find that dream dress. So how do you start the process?



The type of dress you select will certainly be influenced in part by the kind of wedding you are having. A large church wedding is most likely to be a more official affair than a mid-week registry office do. You might wish to keep things rather traditional, choosing a long white gown complete with veil, tiara and train. Shorter Fifties-style vintage outfits are an amazing option for a less conventional wedding. Although white, ivory or cream are popular colour choices, there are lots of other shades that also look fabulous. The season of the year that you are planning to marry might also affect your gown option. At a winter wedding you may consider a long heavy outfit with a bolero or shrug to keep your shoulders warm, whilst for a beach wedding in a tropical location, a shorter lightweight fabric might be your preferred alternative.



On your wedding day you will want to look amazing and that you also feel your best. The perfect gown will certainly emphasise your assets whilst covering those less favourable parts. For instance, if you don’t want to expose your shoulders, go with an outfit with cap sleeves. Sleeves that are sheer will be perfect if you are not too happy with your arms. If you have a slim waist, you could emphasise this with a corset or wrap-style dress to show off your figure. A princess style dress will certainly float over your hips and cover the legs. If you would like a more flowing gown over your tummy, empire-lines outfits that stream from under the bust are a sophisticated choice. Choosing a gown that you feel comfortable in will permit you to feel great about how you look and make you feel utterly gorgeous.



The ideal gown needs not just to look great, it also needs to be practical for such a long day. A wedding can last for as much as twelve hours so you need to be comfortable in your dress if you are going to be wearing it for one of these longer weddings. Tightly laced corsetry may well look wonderful, however, you need to ensure that you will be comfortable sitting down whilst wearing it. You do not wish to be fidgeting throughout the speeches and wedding breakfast due to the fact that parts of your outfit are pinching or digging into your skin. A gown with a long train will look sensational as you stroll down the aisle, however is less practical when you want to dance well into the night, so ensure you can loop the back of your dress up securely for ease of movement. You might well also have to employ the assistance of a good friend for restroom breaks.



Whilst searching for a wedding dress is an emotional experience and you will know when you have actually discovered your ideal outfit, there are practical considerations too. Decide on a spending plan before you begin to go shopping so you do not lose time and energy on dresses that will be outwith these restrictions. If you are organising your wedding within an extremely short timescale, you will have to bear in mind that some gowns can take several months to develop. Discuss your requirements with your dress designer or retailer to ensure your needs can be fulfilled. Think about any other elements that need to be taken into consideration. For example, do you also need to incorporate any family heirlooms such as a valued tiara or veil into your wedding outfit? The style of these may have an effect on the kind of gown that you pick.




You might have an extremely clear idea of what you want your dress to be like but it Wedding dress shopdeserves bearing in mind that many individuals actually end up buying an outfit that is totally different to the one they had visualized. You might have your heart set on a certain type of gown just to discover that when you try it on, it doesn’t quite feel right. Similarly you may have dismissed a style as not being to your taste however may find that it is actually incredibly flattering. Look at a wide range of different designs and styles prior to deciding as you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. Taking your mum, sisters and or best friends with you when you are dress shopping can be a smart idea as they can help you honestly with your choices and make suggestions as to what would make it look better.



Choosing the ideal gown for your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. It can be an emotional experience but one that is eventually really gratifying. Follow these tips to simplify the process and make sourcing your wedding attire as easy as possible. This will certainly enable you to enjoy getting ready for your big day knowing you will feel and look fantastic.

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The Importance Of Choosing Wedding Lingerie

Planning and organising a wedding takes months of hard work to make sure that everything goes to plan. You have found the perfect venue, a spectacular wedding dress, booked the photographer, chosen flowers and organised transport. What you may not have thought about is your underwear for the big day. It is so important that you find lingerie that is comfortable as well as beautiful so that you look and feel like a million dollars.

So, where do you begin? Finding lingerie for your wedding day is not quite the same as nipping into your favourite shop and buying the sort of bra and pants that you have every day. I’m not saying don’t go to your favourite store, there will be some really gorgeous sets there, just spend a bit of time thinking and looking. It is a good idea to look at 3 aspects of what you want from your underwear, it must be comfortable – you will be wearing it all day, support – you must feel that you are properly supported, appearance – it must enhance you and not make your gown look lumpy or odd.

Let’s take a look at the 3 points:
Comfort – well it speaks for itself, anyone who has experienced an ill fitting bra or pants will know how unpleasant it is, so a whole day of discomfort is not the way to spend your wedding day. If you are using an underwired bra, make sure that it fits properly, if possible go to a lingerie shop where they can fit you with one. Underwires when not fitted correctly can dig into your flesh which isn’t very nice. Basques are a popular choice because they are not only comfortable but they can make you a bit more shapely. They usually have suspender straps as well, so if you choose to wear stockings, they will attach to the basque.
Shape wear is generally not a good idea as it can leave your skin looking and feeling irritated by the end of the day. Many wedding gowns will enhance your body shape anyway and if you are going to wear a basque, you won’t need shaping lingerie anyway.

Appearance – It does not matter how wonderful your gown is, inappropriate underwear can ruin the whole look. This is why you need to spend some time looking and thinking about what would be best to wear. Try to choose lingerie that will flatter your body shape and that generally means steering clear of bulky fabrics which would not do anything for your gown. It is also a good idea to steer clear of very ornate underwear as it can affect how the dress fits. Very lacy lingerie can begin to irritate your skin and even cause a rub rash. If your wedding gown is very sheer, you need to look for underwear that is equally sheer, nobody wants to see your underwear through your dress, it would spoil the whole look.
Choose colours that are appropriate for your skin tone and the colour of your wedding dress. Choosing black and red underwear is not really going to look great under a white wedding gown even if you are convinced that the fabric of the gown is thick enough to hide the lingerie, it is sure to peep out at some point during the day. The other issue is that the colour could begin to bleed into your gown if you start to get warm and sweaty. This is not an attractive look and you will be disappointed.

Support – it does not matter what cup size your bra is, you will need proper support for your breasts on your wedding day. This is where going to a specialist lingerie shop has the advantage, they can offer lots of good advice as well as a good choice of potential bras for you to choose from.

When you do go lingerie shopping for your wedding day, remember that function trumps Bride in wedding dressing underwear lingerieappearance every time. Yes, that gorgeous underwired lacy number would look fabulous on you but it may not look so fabulous under your wedding dress and it might not be comfortable enough to wear on such an important day. Buy it for your honeymoon and enjoy it then.

As I’ve already suggested, get advice from a specialist lingerie outfitter. They can make a huge difference to how you look on your wedding day. You can bring pictures of your gown with you so that they can help you choose undergarments that are going to make you look and feel great.

Read reviews and see what experiences other people have had. There will be some useful information that you can use when making your final choice. Most retailers welcome feedback and it is actually a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy goods.

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Weight Loss Myths

Most brides-to-be want to lose a bit of weight before their wedding and providing enough time is allowed, this can be done safely. It won’t be easy that’s for sure, it never is, however, there are a number of myths associated with weight loss and here are a few of them.

1. The more weight you want to lose, the more intense the exercise
Well, now this is just not fact, sure taking part in an intensive workout might well be great but it all depends on how much exercise you already do. If you are very unfit, doing a very strenuous exercise regime could actually do more harm than good and you will need to spend some time building up the amount of exercise you do each day. Someone who walks for 20 minutes every day will find this relatively easy however, someone who barely walks for the bus each day will find 20 minutes brisk walking quite hard work. So it is all relative.

2. Missing meals will help me lose weight
This is not a good idea, there have been studies that show where people miss out breakfast, they will not lose much weight as they get hungry and eat more later in the day. Have a healthy breakfast such as porridge which has complex carbohydrates and try not to eat until lunchtime. If you must snack, eat fruit, nuts, raw vegetables and so on. Missing meals can actually push your metabolism out of kilter which will not make you lose weight, in fact you could put weight on.

3. Less calories means faster weight loss
Cutting down the calories is a good thing but not to the point where you are actually starving yourself. If you do this, your body will think it is in a famine and slow the metabolism which in turn means that you do not burn off calories so will not lose the weight you want to.

4. Healthy eating is too difficult
Healthy eating just requires a bit of forward planning to make sure that you have a good selection of good food in your house. Planning meals in advance will help you prepare low fat, low sugar meals which have a good range of nutrition rather than reaching for the take out menu. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables actually fills you up. As does eating brown rice and wholemeal bread, which are also higher in dietary fibre.

5. You have to give up all your favourite foods
This is just not true. Yes, you will have to cut down on the chocolates, cakes and pizzas but it does not mean you can’t have any at all. Moderation is the key, try to stick to a calorie controlled diet for 6 days in the week and allow yourself to eat the ‘naughty’ foods that you enjoy on the 7th day. This is not a license to scoff as much as you want of whatever you want, it just means that if you fancy a take away or a bowl of ice cream, you can have it once a week.

6. Hunger causes overeating
This is just not the case, often there are feelings of depression, stress or anxiety that cause overeating. This is something to note when you are planning your wedding, if you tend to eat when you are anxious or stressed out, be careful not to fall into that trap of appeasing those feelings with food. Try to find another activity to help you through those times. Exercise can be a great stress buster.

You can lose weight in time for your wedding without starving yourself or turning yourself into a super athlete, do things sensibly and moderately.



If you’re altar-bound right now, odds are that as you’re playing with your soon-to-be new signature and agonizing over centerpieces, you’re also considering what you’ll look like to your nearest and dearest as they stare at your backside on your way down the aisle. (To “Canon in D.” For almost two minutes.)

Sound about right? Of the 2.3 million American weddings every year, 80 percent of brides and over half the wedding party and family members will take steps to change their eating or exercise habits for the big day, according to the Brides.com 2006 American Wedding Study. And since you’re reading this, well, we can only guess that you’re one of them.

Start here:

Get Incredible Arms, Shoulders & Back

Top Waist & Tummy Toners

Best Moves for Legs, Thighs & Butt

20-Minute All-Over Toning Circuit Workout

But why, in the midst of the centerpiece brainstorming and DJ haggling and bouquet choosing, should you add another to-do in the weeks leading up to your I Do’s?

Why Work Out Now?

Of course losing your love handles isn’t going to make you a better bride — or even a happier one, as anyone who’s watched a carb-free wife-to-be lose her mind over place settings at the rehearsal dinner knows. No, getting yourself in shape before your wedding really can be summed up by two words: Super confidence! (Okay, and two more: Jealous cousins.)

Being engaged is an awesome time of relationship transition. You’re starting a new life with the person you’re mad for and you’re about to spend the next couple of months getting used to what the rest of your lives will be like together. If that’s not heavy enough, the chaos that comes with planning a wedding can quickly zap your feel-good mojo. Squabbles about seating, dimwit caterers, getting intimately acquainted with your soon-to-be mother-in-law — both your mind and your body are going to be running on overdrive until you’ve hugged your last guest goodbye.

But research shows that getting your heart rate up, working your muscles to capacity, and eating healthily can kick your brain into “I’m a superstar!” gear. So even if you won’t have 300 eyes staring at your bare biceps on your wedding day, fitting in regular pre-matrimonial workouts can keep you focused and feeling great — and what better way to start your new life?

We asked Lynn Bode, a personal trainer with over 13 years of experience and the owner of the online fitness program WorkoutsForBrides.com, for her advice on how brides can keep their expectations and workouts in check before their big day. Her advice (featured on the following pages) can help you look and — more important — feel your best from “Yes, I Will” to “Yes, I Do.”

Getting Started

Ready, set…skinny? Hold on, lady. Rather than using the time leading up to your big day to whittle yourself down to some magic number, take this time to become your healthiest you. In the same way a new year can mark a fresh start, so too can this emerging stage of your relationship. Consider your engagement to be a commitment to yourself — and let that set the tone for the rest of your marriage.

“It’s imperative that a bride spend at least a little time educating herself on weight loss and fitness,” says Bode. You don’t necessarily have to hit the books and research — though meeting with a nutritionist or trainer can offer a solid indication of how you might start your regimen — but do simply get familiar with the basics. Bode advises focusing on what she says are the “four critical principles”: cardiovascular exercise, good nutrition, strength training, and stretching. “All four components are necessary to reach your goals in a healthy way,” she says.

Read more http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/weight-loss/plans/wedding/get-in-shape-for-your-wedding-day/

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What You Should Keep In Mind When Booking a Chauffeur Driven Wedding Car

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is driving! Booking a chauffeur driven wedding car allows you to relax and enjoy some time with your spouse as you travel from place to place.

However, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider before booking someone. Your wedding is a day when you want everything to go seamlessly. Little problems can turn into big problems very easily. It’s important to look into a company any make sure it’s up to your standards before you agree to work with them.


The first thing you should do is take the time to research chauffeur companies in your area. Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to do this online. All you have to do is take a look at reviews people write on the internet.


Sometimes when people look at reviews, they only look at the star ratings. This can be a big mistake. Every person tends to see star ratings in a different way. For one person, three stars might mean “good,” while for another, it might mean terrible. There’s no way of knowing if someone’s opinion aligns with yours unless you read their review.


In addition, reading the review will let you know what a person used the service for. A company could do a great job with proms and special events, but may not have much experience with weddings. You’ll want to make sure that they have plenty of wedding experience.


Once you’ve found a list of companies that have plenty of good reviews, you’ll want to start calling them and obtaining more information. It’s a good idea to write down a list of questions you want to ask before you call so that you don’t wind up forgetting anything.


Start out by checking the availability for the date you need the car. If nothing’s available, there’s no sense in wasting your time. Asking this question up front will give you the chance to move on and call someone who might be able to work with you.


After asking that, it’s a good idea to find a little bit more about the cars you’ll be renting. Don’t just ask about the colour and the model; ask about the year of the vehicle. The year plays a role in how the car drives, and also has a major impact on its appearance.


It’s also important to find out what kind of insurance the company has. Ideally, they should have a strong liability policy. Even the best chauffeurs get into accidents sometimes, and you’ll want to make sure you’re completely protected in case something does go wrong.


In addition to checking on your insurance, you should confirm that the company complies will all regulations. Regulations vary wildly from state to state, and you may want to look into the regulations in your area before you make any calls. That way, you’ll know for sure that a company is doing everything they need to do.


It’s a very good idea to find out what kind of training your driver will have received. While most states don’t require that drivers receive any kind of special training, the best companies make sure that their employees are well trained and able to provide a great experience for their customers.


Along the same line, you should make sure that the company hires their own drivers and doesn’t just employ contract workers. There’s no way of knowing what your driver will be like if they don’t work directly for the company. Your experiences could be positive, but they could be negative too.


Find out what will happen if the limo driver is late picking you up. If there’s no penalty; look elsewhere. You should feel confident that the driver will be doing everything they can to get to you on time. You don’t want any delays on your wedding day!


copyright Kendal & Mitchell Executive Chauffeurs LTD

copyright Kendal & Mitchell Executive Chauffeurs LTD

You’ll also want to find out what will happen if your vehicle breaks down or experiences other problems. Will they get a replacement vehicle for you, or will they just refund your money? You don’t want to be stuck without any car in case of problems.


Obviously, money is another thing you’ll want to ask about. While you should ask for a price quote, that’s not the only price-related inquiry you’ll want to make. You’ll have to ask several more questions in order to determine which company is offering you the best deal.


If the company claims to be all-inclusive, ask them to explain what all-inclusive wedding hire really means. Some companies advertise that they include everything in the price, but actually have hidden fees. You’ll want to make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re paying for. If you don’t, you may be hit with some nasty surprises.


You’ll also want to find out when payment is owed. Do you need to pay when you reserve the limo, or do you pay the day you pick it up? Do they have some kind of payment plan, or do you have to pay for everything at once?


As long as you do your research and ask the right questions ahead of time, you should be able to have a great experience with your chauffeur driven wedding car. Put a little extra work into finding the right company. After all, your wedding is the most important day of your life.

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Tips To Help You Organise A hen Weekend

Arranging a hen weekend may appear like an overwhelming job if you have been landed with it, however help is at hand, read on to find out some great tips and advice. So how do Smiling friends having hen party looking at camerayou go about arranging a fun and interesting hen weekend? Here we will share with you some straightforward ideas to help you make a start.


  1. Pick your dates. It’s not the best idea to decide to have the hen do on the weekend before the big day just in case there are any accidents. It is prudent to arrange it a few weeks beforehand.


  1. Sort out who is going. This is easy. The bride needs to choose who is going to be invited. The best aspect of hen weekends and hen nights is that you have a choice to bring together different generations who wouldn’t generally mix. A lot of older people have actually forgotten how much fun they can have when they head out on the town however they do not go due to the fact that they feel too uncomfortable amongst young people. Well, a hen weekend is a license for ANY INDIVIDUAL to go on the razz so take this opportunity to get grannies, aunties, in fact everyone who is a buddy or family member to come along. Individuals can always to go bed early if they can not take the speed but a hen weekend is all about togetherness so make the most of this opportunity to bring the various generations together. Trust us it will be more enjoyable for doing it! You really want to prevent frostiness at the real wedding triggered by unhappy female member of the family and buddies who just weren’t welcomed to the hen party. They may think that you consider them to be too dull and dull. Even if you believe that someone won’t have the ability to make it, don’t make that choice for them – invite EVERYONE and let them make their excuses if they do not such as the sound of a hen weekend or hen party.


  1. Choose your location. Now things is, on the one hand you might go anywhere for a hen party or hen weekend with the ideal group of ladies and you would have a great time so a great deal of this depends upon people’s budget plans and how much time they have. Whether they have kids and someone to look after them etc. If money is no things then go someplace abroad. It does not have to be mega pricey. For UK hens there are some great deals to be had in Spain or Italy which are fun and generally good weather is guaranteed.  Nevertheless, a hen weekend is everything about enjoyable so go someplace that is going to welcome you as opposed to teem with dried up snooty holidaymakers all frightened at the sight of your hen party! Selecting where to go is a difficult one and the hen may need some support to look further afield than the regional bar. This might be since she feels guilty about other individuals needing to invest their hard made money on HER hen weekend but you should convince her to forget about that since individuals will only go if they can and want to. Drift some concepts of places to go and make sure you include some abroad choices in addition to some resorts in the your own country that are securely far from where you live because the hen party will want to get a little bit tipsy no doubt, and probably won’t want to be carrying on in front of employers and family close friends. Keep a safe range from house anywhere your hen party winds up!


  1. Make sure you book a decent hotel to stay in, it is essential for the party to have somewhere safe and comfortable to stay. It is also better if you can choose a large enough hotel that will absorb you rather than being the object of horror due to the noise you made coming back at 4am! A big hotel will certainly allow you to blend in as it will be busy. There will be better facilities and you won’t be subject to irritated landladies giving you ‘hot tongue and cold shoulder’. Most modern hotels have got ensuite bathrooms, this is a must if you are planning to consume a lot of alcohol, so avoid small hotels and B & Bs.

  1. You need to sort out the money beforehand, so it is important to find out how much the weekend is going to cost per person and get the money from everyone in the party so that the trip is paid for in advance. What you really don’t want is to get on the hen weekend and then have to chase people for money. In order to get the money side organised you have to plan well ahead and make sure that everyone going on the trip understands that if they do not pay their share by a certain date, their place will not be booked and they will not be able to travel. Everyone should contribute towards the cost of fun accessories such as sashes, wings, hats and so on. These are not expensive but if you all pay a bit it will only cost you about £5 each.


  1. Be prepared for your hen weekend. If you are organising a hen weekend you simply MUST buy hen party accessories to take with you! We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of dressing up with the ‘must have’ accessories such as L plates, sashes, veils, bunny ears and so on. Not only does it make you all feel part of the group but it gives you a bit of license to go a bit wild! Nevertheless, we guarantee that as soon as they are out on the town in their silly clothing with a couple of drinks down them they will love their brand-new discovered flexibility to be as silly as they can. Hen weekends are all about having fun and dropping your inhibitions so no one should feel uptight. Just go with the flow and know that nobody will be judging you due to the fact that you’re having fun and if they do, then who cares!


We hope that this has given you some food for however and that it will certainly help you to make some of the more vital and hard decisions about organising your hen party or hen weekend. Have a good time and don’t overindulge too much.

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A Simple Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning can easily broken down into 3 parts. Firstly we need to consider aspects such as budget, guest list, location and the theme. When the where has been settled upon, we need to decide the when. Those are the first and foremost things that need to be thought about and chosen prior to any more steps are taken.

Then we will conform to all the booking and reservations that are involved with wedding planning. This would include aspects like catering, the band and the photographer. The last thing that we will cover in this wedding list will certainly be the matron of honor and the bridesmaids; the best man and the groomsmen; the ushers, the ring bearer and flower girl.


The first thing to consider when you begin planning your wedding is the spending plan. This is usually a sensitive subject; as it is generally the moms and dads of the bride who will certainly pay the bill. Nevertheless; now that we have gone into the 21st century; much like numerous other typical traditions; the moms and dads are not anticipated to bring each one of the monetary weight. The funds can originate from anywhere; but the most vital thing is getting a sensible price quote of what you will have to invest. As soon as you know how much you can spend; you understand how much you can pay for.


Now the wedding list comes to the location and theme. The additional ahead that you book the location where you wish to have the wedding; the less costly it will be. Some individuals are very conventional and want to be married in a church; but for those who want to pick another unique location; there are numerous alternate places to think about when planning your wedding.


As soon as you have selected the location; the style is next on the wedding checklist. The style and area in some cases work together. For example; if you decide to have a beach wedding; then the theme will certainly most likely be based around a luau of some sort. After picking a theme to match your budget plan, area and visitor list; you can move onto the more elaborate pieces of planning your wedding; like the real reservations and reservations. (See section two of this step by step wedding planning guide).


The last facet covered in this wedding planning section is all about the when. Ask yourself: When do I want to have my wedding? There are Twelve Month every year. Some are warm; some are cool; some are hot; some are cold. You might want to select a unique season that is significant to you both when preparing your wedding date.



This part of the wedding list covers the reservations and reservation of all the fine information of a wedding; this includes everything from the caterer to the band; from the wedding location to the photographer.


Wedding planWhen preparing your wedding; if something is not reserved or reserved properly it could throw the whole wedding off course. Double checking then triple checking once more can never ever injure. The last thing any individual would really want is to appear at their wedding location and there be nothing there established. For the most part; booking and scheduling your wedding activities months prior to the real wedding will save lots of money. Eleventh hour weddings constantly have the tendency to cost more than ones that are scheduled way ahead of time.


This next area basically consists of the more elaborate and detailed jobs that are detailed in this step by step wedding planning guide. This is instrumental to the total flow of the wedding in general. You will have to select a catering service for the reception meal. The catering business has to be trustworthy, professional at what they do and most importantly offer quality of service and terrific food. Catering services can offer testing samples throughout your decision stages to ensure that the suggested menu will certainly meet the tastes of the bride and groom.


Coordinating the music is normally a pretty simple aspect of planning your wedding. All that is really needed is a musician, band or DJ that can be functional enough to meet the music likings of the couple. It is necessary to look for a semi expert band; as one of the worst things would be if they never ever even appeared. It is advisable to choose someone who already does weddings as they will be familiar with the way the reception runs and how to keep the guests engaged and having fun.


So at this point of the wedding checklist; one have to initially take a look at the kind of music that the wed to be couple takes pleasure in together. This same logic puts on choosing your photographer; as this is an important choice since the pictures taken will be wedding mementos forever.


This is the last area in this wedding list and it covers the wedding party. This part of wedding planning could simply be the toughest. Picking the actual wedding party is essential; not just to the couple; but to the ones who are chosen.

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is a pretty exciting time and there is a lot to decide and settle upon. One of the main things to choose is the venue. The venue will dictate the style and ambience of the wedding and should be chosen to reflect the bride and groom. Budget has to be a major consideration here as the cost of hiring a venue varies a great deal.

Most couples will have a few ideas about where they might like to have their wedding reception however, the internet offers even more ideas and choice. There may be a venue that they had not considered which is within their budget and close to home, so it is worth having a look around to see what is on offer.


When it comes to choosing a venue, personal preference will play a large part. A couple with big personalities will probably be drawn to something like a country house which has history, style and beautiful surroundings. A more reserved couple on the other hand, might prefer a less grand venue but they will still want one that is stylish and offers excellent service.


When you start looking at venues, you might find that peak season Saturdays are already booked for up to a year in advance, so if you can be a bit flexible with your wedding date, you will be more likely to be able to book the venue of your choice. You might find that there are lower prices on a Friday or other weekday if your budget is limited.


Another consideration is the distance between the venues for the ceremony and the reception. Although, these days, more often than not, venues can offer a whole package which includes the wedding ceremony.


Consider the number of guests you are planning to invite. Large weddings with more than 350 guests can be difficult to accommodate so you will have to look for a larger venue if this is the case. On the other hand, if you are inviting less than 100 guests and your venue has the capacity for many more, the room could look rather sparse. I always think it better to have too much space than too little, there is nothing worse than being squashed into your dining space with no room to move.


Obviously, the larger the geographical area you have to work from, the more choice of venue you will have. You will be able to consider not only stately homes but also, hotels, country clubs and even village halls. An early decision is actually quite important because, as mentioned before, popular venues will be booked up quickly. Take a look at any offers that may be in place, hotels and country houses will often offer discounted bed and breakfast for guests attending the wedding. This can be a key factor when guests are travelling from afar.


Another option for hosting the reception is a marquee. If you or a relative have a large garden you could consider hiring a marquee and having the wedding at home. This is a popular choice in many parts of the UK and gives you more control over catering, music and so on. You will be able to choose the caterers of your choice rather than having the catering provided by a static venue which you may or may not be keen on. Another benefit of this type of wedding is that it is completely private. In a hotel or country club you may have to share facilities with others.


copyright Hedsor House

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Country houses can offer the whole package, ceremony, reception and accommodation. There are some really stunning houses available to use for weddings. They also have the benefit of having beautiful grounds which make spectacular backdrops for the photographs.


You will need to find out whether you will require a late license if you want the party to carry on into the night. Some venues will have a license that they can use for such events, others will have to apply for one and this must be a consideration and a question you should ask when making enquiries.


It is important to visit the venue before you choose, just picking a place from the internet or a brochure without visiting is not a good idea. Many venues offer taster sessions where you can come and sample the food, speak with the manager and just have a good look round. Ask about menus for guests who may have special dietary requirements, if you know you have a guest who can’t have dairy for instance, it is important that they will be given good food that is dairy free.


Take your time when choosing a venue, your wedding day is one of the most important of your life and as such, deserves appropriate consideration. Remember to find out what the groom would like, it is his big day too and there might be some ideas that he has or preferences that he would like to include.

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Finding the right hairdo can be quite difficult for any bride. She wants to look beautiful and her hair is going to play a big part in the final look for the big day. Decisions about what to wear on her head have to be made but this can only be done after the gown has been chosen. A veil comes in many sizes, styles, colours and can be made from a variety of materials. If the bride is going to wear a veil, it needs to fit with the preferred hairdo. There is usually a headdress or tiara worn with the veil and this needs to be able to be placed so that it all looks fabulous and that it is comfortable to wear. Long, short or mid-length hair have options as to how it is worn. Obviously, short hair have fewer options but can still be made to look wonderful. Find a hairdresser who is willing to work with you and listen to what you want so that you can try different things out to see what works and what does not. A classic style for long or mid-length hair is a French twist, which when done well, looks fantastic. Follow these instructions

We’re going to show you how to do a French twist. So what you’re going to want to do, even though this is a smoother style, is you still want to start with a curly set just because it gives the hair a lot of movement. And, it will help it to hold and stay in place. I’m actually just going to take a smoothing brush and brush a little bit of that wave out, smoothing it out, lightly detangling it. I’m going to leave the pieces out around the face, because we always want a little softness around the face. This is going to be a French twist but a very modern take on it. It’s going to be smooth in the back and then have soft curls in the front. You’re going to start by draping the hair back into a low ponytail. Then a good trick, if you don’t want any bagginess at the neck, would be to just tilt your head back slightly. Perfect. We are going to start twisting the hair up. As we twist we’re kind of rouging it up with my fingers. The biggest thing with the French twist is you want to keep it centered and straight as you go. Once you get your French twist to the height that you want to see it then you’re going to go ahead and start pinning. What I do is I just hold that twist tight. You’re going to start on the sides, and you’re just going to stick your pin in pushing it into the bulk of the French twist. I’m kind of evenly spacing them as I go. All you’re going to do is you’re going to take them and you’re going to pin them, push them to the side, and push them up. Push them to the side, and push them up. You’re going to definitely want to go in and kind of crisscross some bobby pins in there. Try to find the other pin inside and cross over the side of it. That’s why I started evenly spacing my pins, because I can easily remember where they are even though I can’t necessarily see them. Now, you have a couple of options with the top section. You can continue the twist up and kind of tuck it in, and you’ll get a very smooth silhouette. You could leave the edges out for a nice modern look. Just kind of circle it around and toss it up. You could even, if you made this much higher, have the top portion come in and almost create like a fringe. We’re going to actually twist this up. I’m going to put my finger in it, and we’re going to wrap it around my finger. We’ve left these pieces on the side out so we can softly drape them Click here to read more

Further information

Wedding hairstyles for every length

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Tips On Choosing A Wedding Veil

There are truly just two occasions where a modern-day Western woman is most likely, even anticipated, to put on a veil. One is when she is in mourning or attending a funeral. The other is on her wedding day. The history of the wedding event veil dates back to scriptural times and there are numerous interpretations of its meaning.

One popular interpretation is that the veil represents long, streaming hair, which brides made use of to wear down their backs to signify chastity. Another traces it back to the very early Romans who used it to shield the bride from fiends on her big day. Yet another story swears that the veil was used to hide the bride’s face so that the groom at an arranged marriage could not back out if he didn’t like what he saw. Remember, the veil is just raised after the couple is pronounced man and wife!


But whatever its origin, the wedding veil continues to be an essential accessory in the majority of Western wedding events. In this article, we will certainly review a few fundamental ideas that will ideally assist you select the perfect veil.




Traditional wedding veils used to be manufactured from tulle, however these days, satin, lace and silk are now very popular. For extra special veils, sequins, rhinestones, pearls, crystals and embroidery are used to make the bride even more beautiful.




Bride-to-bes that want to showcase their expert hairstyle frequently pick a veil that secures underneath their coiffure. As you could expect, much shorter veils are more workable, which makes them the only selection for brides who opt to use them throughout the entire occasion.




As mentioned, if you prepare to use you veil for hours on end, it ought to be light and short. But if you are intending on using it just at the ceremony, it may be a great idea to go for it. Cathedral veils are very long and flowing, they will be as long as the gown’s train. There are very short veilds also available, these are called blushers.




Lots of brides make the mistake of removing their veils right away after the ceremony. To ensure that this traditional accessory appears in the majority of the pictures, it is important to leave it on until after the first dance.




As crucial as the wedding veil is, keep in mind that it is simply an accessory. And as such, it needs to never eclipse your wedding dress. Rather, it must match it. As a general policy, the more fancy the dress, the less elaborate the veil.




The less official your ceremony, the less official your veil needs to be. An outdoor ceremony on the turf or sand will likely include a fairly informal gown, which means that you will certainly want an casual veil, like a blusher or a flyaway.




Unlike your shoes, the veil does not need to match the colour of the bridal gown precisely. In fact, many bride-to-bes like veils that are a shade or two lighter or darker than their gowns. In general, nevertheless, a bride needs to pass by a veil that is a different colour from her gown. It will detract from the gown, which should rightly be the focal point.




wedding-veil-xsThe typical veil costs about as much as the typical pair of bridal shoes. According to a recent study, the typical cost is £100. Obviously, there are adequate veils that can be purchased at low-cost, for less than £75, the prudent bride-to-be can discover a brief, one-layer veil that is made from either netting or tulle. As with anything, the more you spend, the more you get for your money. So, if you want sparkles or seed pearls on your veil, this will cost a bit more.




We will certainly now take a minute to evaluate the most popular styles of wedding event veils.




Quickly the most popular and the majority of informal veil, the blusher is a short, single-layer accessory that is worn over the bride’s face throughout the event and afterwards flipped back prior to the kiss.




As the name suggests, this one reaches all the way to the bride-to-be’s elbows, however does not eclipse the outfit. It is in fact quite popular for casual weddings.


Finger Idea


Another evident physiological appellation, the finger-tip veil falls all the way to the bride’s finger-tips when her arms are handing naturally. It is a formal veil that is commonly only worn as an accessory to elaborate ball dress.




Also called the imperial veil, it is the most official of all wedding event veils. When delegated fall normally, it extends a complete 3.5 lawns from the headpiece and is often worn with a cathedral-length train.


One of the most long-lasting signs of marriage ceremonies, a veil can provide the completing touch to your gown on that very big day.

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Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

First off, you do not need to make all the decisions at the same time when planning your wedding. If you prepare the wedding event in workable stages, it will assist make the planning process much less complex. Simply ensure to prepare all the essential elements photodune-1478287-newly-weds-xsfirst as you will certainly need to make any required bookings well in advance, as many places are reserved out months and even years in advance.


As soon as you have chosen your budget plan and before you set the date, you ought to do some study to find out what is out there in the market, to get an concept of exactly what you could prefer to consist of in your wedding. At the same time, make certain you shop around and get rates on everything so you can then go house and add up all the expenses. This will certainly offer you an concept of how well your budget plan is going to cover all your expenditures.


Next you must take a seat with your partner and exercise all the information of your wedding to make use of as a guide. For example, what kind of ceremony do you desire and where to hold it. Nowadays there are great deals of different options to choose from besides the conventional church service. If you pick a church wedding ensure you reserve early to avoid disappointment.


When setting a date for the wedding event, remember that particular durations throughout the year are more expensive than others, as they are in more demand. For example, if you wanted a December wedding event, you might find that all the venues are booked out being so near to Christmas. You will certainly also find that the expenses go up throughout peak periods throughout the year.


Next you need to choose a style and colour scheme for your wedding event. These 2 things assist set the mood for the sort of wedding you are desiring. Establishing these elements at the start, will certainly help make the wedding preparing a lot easier when it’s time to shop for items to harmonize the style and colours you have actually picked. It will certainly also help you focus on specifically what you need to search for and therefore save you losing time or cash on things that don’t help you achieve the outcome you want. Having a style and a colour scheme will likewise serve when choosing the clothing for the wedding as you will have to coordinate with the other aspects you have actually already picked.

In the weeks leading up to your wedding event you have to deciding about what other aspects you wish to consist of in your wedding event. These consist of things such as picking the cake, working with a photographer, the flowers, the rings, the entertainment for the reception and so on. Throughout this phase it’s important that you make lists of things you have to do so that all your plans are collaborated and make sure that all the various aspects will come together and be on time.


Some important elements you need to keeping checking up on is when reservations need to be wrapped up with suppliers, payments have to be made, rehearsals for the event, and consultations made for sampling the menu and the cake and so on.


In the couple of weeks prior to the wedding event you should start to see how all your plans are going to come together. See to it to keep a checklist of everything and afterwards double check the list to make certain nothing is neglected. You hear of many wedding stories of where strategies hadn’t been checked correctly and things went wrong at the last minute. While lots of mistakes can be rectified on time, numerous could have been prevented if the individual planning the wedding event had double checked the details. You likewise need to make visits to test out various hair and makeup options. In addition, all the clothing for the wedding event social event must prepare by now and put away in a location away from everything else to keep them clean and increased.


The days leading up to the wedding are often the most busy. This is where all your effort and being organized with the wedding plans pays off, as by this stage you need to have absolutely nothing to tension over, as all your strategies ought to now be running on auto-pilot. This will offer you some much needed time to spend on indulging yourself and delighting in some special time with family and friends. Of course, if you wish to ensure you have the wedding event of your dreams and conserve cash doing this, you need to have the right tools that come with a excellent wedding planning guide.

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